LET’S GO ARGOS LET’S GO. This was 100 years in the making. I sat down today and watched the game. I loved it so bring on the Gray Cup. Finally a championship Team in Toronto. Leaf’s nation what nation more like a little island. Please turn off the hockey insanity until they come to their senses. All this time we could have been watching a group of guys making 1/10th the salary of the Leafs truly entertain us. Before you ask yes my ankles are hurting from jumping on and off the Argos bandwagon.
Rick Ray lead the team with a steady completing 75% (28/37) passes for 399 yards. His play was complemented by Chad Owens 11 catches for 207 yards and Chad Kackert’s running for 139 yards and a touchdown.
But we all know defense is needed to win games and they came to play. Interceptions and ball tips at critical points in the game. What more can you ask for.
Let’s Go Argos nation.