‘With Doug Ford as Premier, I could be homeless’

Letter to the editor

‘With Doug Ford as Premier, I could  be homeless’



Dear Editor:

When I heard that the recent news that Doug Ford was in favor of lifting rent control on those buildings where it still exists,  that really got me thinking.

I  know many people in the Caribbean community in Toronto who live in rented apartments. In some cases, there three, four  or five people sharing one apartment, sleeping in shifts and paying high rent. For some, rent represents sixty to seventy per cent of their monthly income.

I have been renting a place here for the last 25 years. It’s not luxurious accommodation but it’s comfortable and the rent keeps  increasing at a rate that I can still afford. However, if  rent control  were lifted from the building where I live, I  would be in  big trouble.

In  fact, if Doug  Ford becomes Premier of Ontario and removes rent control, I could be homeless in no time flat!


Of  course, I still have  some options if I can no longer afford the rent. I suppose I can go and sleep  at my son’ s  house or “bunk” at  one of  my daughters. But I would not like to lose my independence.


If, however,  the current  public opinion polls are to be believed, Doug Ford could end up  being the Premier of the province. And yes, with Doug Ford as Premier,  I could be homeless.

Not a happy prospect.


Yours truly,

Malcolm Regis