Yasmin Mathurin Wins 2023 TIFF-CBC Films Screenwriter Award

Yasmin Mathurin

Just as the Caribbean Camera was going to press the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) announced that Haitian Canadian screenwriter Yasmine Mathurin has won the 2023 TIFF–CBC Films Screenwriter Award for her screenplay Sorry Pardon Madame. Mathurin will receive a $15,000 grant and support from a script consultant.

“Y’ALL,” said Mathurin in a tweet received by the Camera. “I am overwhelmed and so grateful for this support. This is my first big YES towards my project. What an affirmation this is. A million thank you’s to the TIFF jury and CBC Films for this award.”

Sorry Pardon Madame is a riveting, and deeply moving portrayal of a coming-of-age story that looks at the role that language plays in today’s Canadian immigrant experience.

“The story that I am exploring in Sorry Pardon Madame is a deeply personal one that touches on the coming-of-age and being a hyphenated Haitian-Canadian,” said Mathurin. “So for me to receive this recognition, amongst the fierce competition of other amazing projects, is deeply affirming to my process as a screenwriter.”

Mathurin is an award-winning writer, director, and producer. Her first feature documentary film One of Ours won the Hot Docs Special Jury Prize Documentary in 2021. Mathurin previously worked as an associate producer with CBC Podcasts.

In addition to the Sorry Parson Madame project she is also writing her first fiction feature film with the support of the CHANEL Women Writers’ Network grant. She recently completed post-production on a short documentary series entitled Witness with Scarborough Pictures, for which she directed three out of six episodes. The series will premiere March 30, 2023.