York school board to hire coaches to help Black high school grad

The York regional district school board has embarked on a brand new campaign to increase the success of black student population. They have done so by putting their money where their mouth is by creating two new positions to work with and mentor black students within the York school system who are struggling to graduate.

This program is based on “Kwa Sabatu Unajah”. which means “because you belong”.  Two coaches, hired through the Inclusive Schools and Community Services (ISCS), will spend the majority on assignment at two secondary schools. The job will include some travel to and from the sites. Applicants must complete an online application addressed to the attention of the recruitment team; these positions are available immediately with an application deadline of January 20th  at 11:30 p.m.

The applicant must have a long-term vision and know how to identify underserved black students and develop plans to help them obtain their Ontario Secondary School diplomas. The individual must be able to cater to their emotional as well as academic needs, and must be culturally responsive to their needs.

The applicant must have a university degree or college diplomas; work experience in the field of social work or experience with community organizations will be considered.

The salary range from $67,000 to $71,000 annually.

The York board has made this offer to Caribbean people through our paper and the application is available through a link on our website at www. thecaribbeancamera.com.