Young Black pianist and violist team up to perform ‘Unyielding Roots’

The Black History Month event will be staged in Ottawa, Halifax and Toronto

In a celebration of Black History Month, two exceptional Canadian musicians of Caribbean descent, Rashaan Rori Allwood and Kathryn Patricia Cobbler, are set to dazzle audiences with their multi-media performance titled “Unyielding Roots.” This powerful presentation of original compositions aims to reflect upon the complex experiences of the Caribbean immigrant and African diaspora within the context of North American colonial landscapes.

Kathryn Patricia Cobbler

Joy Bullen, the long-time creator behind Black History Month Music, designed this event to showcase young Black Canadian musicians breaking stereotypes and making history. Since 2015, the initiative has been a platform for artists excelling in areas where Black voices have often been silenced. “Unyielding Roots” will be performed in Halifax, Ottawa, and Toronto, in collaboration with cultural and not-for-profit organizations across Canada.

The spotlight of this year’s celebration, “Unyielding Roots,” features Rashaan Rori Allwood, a pianist, organist, and composer, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in composition. Allwood’s unique approach combines influences from classical masters with modern technological advancements, creating innovative musical languages through experimental sounds and improvisations. As a soloist, he has graced prestigious venues across Europe, leaving audiences in awe.

Rashaan Rori Allwood

Kathryn Patricia Cobbler, a Loop pedal violist and composer, brings her classical artistry to the forefront. Cobbler is known for her original arrangements and improvisations with the viola, using a loop pedal to create a full band effect. With multiple awards and recognition under her belt, she adds a dimension of Belonging, Hope, and Remembrance to the performance.

The duo has collaborated with an Oscar-nominated filmmaker to produce a film and live performance, serving as a captivating backdrop to the concert. “Unyielding Roots” will be a debut of their original compositions, telling the story of their lives as second-generation Canadians and professional musicians, embracing their unyielding roots. The music spans diverse genres like jazz, folk, contemporary, Hip-Hop, and classical, accompanied by the spectacular soprano voice of Nadine Anyan.

Joy Bullen’s commitment to showcasing Black youth’s achievements aligns with her dedication to educating, entertaining, and incentivizing, all while empowering the youth to access the resources necessary for success.

Sold-out warning! “Unyielding Roots” is a must-see event during TD Bank sponsored Black History Month with concerts in Halifax, Ottawa, and Toronto. The Toronto concert is scheduled for February 11, at Holy Blossom Temple on Bathurst Street, starting at 3:00 PM, with tickets priced at $45. The performances in Halifax and Ottawa offer diverse experiences, each priced at $10 and $25, respectively.