Young DJ Brendan lending his craft to the culture that he loves

DJ Brendan

Cultural identity has been an issue of both the African and Indian Diaspora for generations due to the impacts of Colonialism.  The internet is full of Blogs, Vlogs and other Social Community Groups raising awareness of this and teaching the youth of this generation about their heritage and culture. 

These important initiatives help our communities preserve history and culture as the elder generation ages and many of the history is not written in books. BrownGyalDiary, The Cutlass Project and Know your Caribbean on Instagram are great example of resources available to youth.  The Angelo Bissessarsingh’s Virtual Museum on Facebook is another fantastic resource.

A 14-year-old Grade 9 aspiring DJ by the name of DJ Brendan has decided to lend his craft to the culture that he loves.  The Youth of the Caribbean Diaspora are in for a musical treat. DJ Brendan is embarking on a musical journey aimed at and promoting Caribbean music to children.  Brendan is launching a mix tape series targeting high school students within the Greater Toronto Area.  The mix tape series will feature 3 mixes per year and run for the 4 years through his High School journey featuring positive Soca music from the Caribbean region. 

When asked why he is doing this Brendan responded with: “Soca music is a very positive music.  It is not just jump and wave.  Many people in my generation like Trap music and gravitate towards that.  I want to do my part in teaching them about Soca too.  It is important that we know about the music from the lands that our parents and grandparents came from.”

I asked Brendan what drew him to the Soca genre, “Soca music has always played in my house.  My family has been involved in the production of Mas Bands in Trinidad for decades.  It started in San Fernando with South Connection, Mas Trinidad and currently Trini Revelers.  My uncle is a Steel Panist here in Toronto.  Soca is in the blood”

Brendan has had the opportunity to play and receive tutoring from some of Toronto’s top DJS.  When asked about his musical influencers he said, “This summer I had the opportunity to play with DJ Shy and Junya Menace at the Twillight Restaurant in Scarborough Ontario.  Shy taught me a lot about music and the equipment.  He is a great teacher and influence.  Through this opportunity I met many great people.  I also listen to DJ Puffy, DJ Kevin and of course Dr. Jay.  Dr Jay and Soca Therapy have been a staple in our house since I was a baby.  There are many other entertainers that have influenced me as well.  Earl LaPierre – Steel Panist has had me on Online events for Children and invited me to play at IslandMix restaurant many times.  I am grateful to them all and look forward to continuing to learn from them.”


The Soca mixtape series whose name is still under wraps for now is set to launch by Thanksgiving weekend as Brendan’s way to give thanks to those that made the journey through Colonialism and onwards through to today. 

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