Yuletide excellence from La Petite Musicale

By Ken Bruzual

La Petite in action

The packed house of over 450 patrons stood in reverence as the 26-member choir belted out the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah to the accompaniment of a 6-piece band which include two steel pan instrumentalists.  The Hallelujah Chorus was the finale of the annual La Petite Musicale of Toronto Christmas production. The show was held at the Armenian Youth Center Theatre.

This was a special evening as La Petite Musicale, a splendid cultural creation of Trinidad, celebrated its 50th year since its Toronto chapter came into existence.

The musical directors blended the voices of the choir with various combinations of guitar, acoustics, horns, flutes, piano and percussive tones, giving the audience an opportunity to hear and behold the unpredicted novelty of the new production. 

Last Sunday, La Petite and its guest artists kept the audience in thrall. The music enraptured young and old alike – from the numerous seniors to the 7-month-old toddler. The audience to a person expressed satisfaction with the production which was skillfully managed by Trinidad- based Marvin “Trini” Ishmael with Sade Edwards and Bridget Rampersad filling out the production.

While it would be unfair to single out any member of this highly accomplished chorale for worthy praise, it would be an error not to draw attention to guest vocalist Earlyn Alexander, Tara “Macomere Fifi” Woods, Michael Codogan, Michael Dunston, saxophonist Michael “Skel” Redhead and pannists Mark Muska and Garrett Burgess.

Patrons of La Petite look forward to their Yuletide performance each year so much so that there’s not enough space to accommodate all those wanting to attend this very special event. 

See you next year La Petite Musical.

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