‘Above the Palace’ productions creating diverse and thought-provoking storytelling


Sandy Hudson

A groundbreaking venture has emerged on the entertainment scene, promising to shake up the industry with its commitment to diversity and thought-provoking storytelling. Rodney Diverlus, Sandy Hudson, and Anubha Momin have officially launched ‘Above the Palace’, a Toronto-based production company dedicated to crafting film, television, live performance, and digital media projects that challenge conventional narratives and cater to the global demand for BIPOC-centred content.

The creative trio of creative is set to bring their unique backgrounds and fresh ideas to the forefront, tapping into the pulse of today’s younger, more diverse audiences. Rodney Diverlus, one of the co-founders, stated, “What really interests us are projects that can move the needle on culture and have a global impact.”

The Parallel, a captivating television series, is a shining example of their mission. This weekly show delves into cultural and political issues with a Canadian twist, combining critical insights with a dash of wit. It expands on the success of the “On Canada Project,” an Instagram account that caters to curious Gen Z and Millennial audiences.

Queen City, an 8-episode series, promises a heartwarming and intergenerational comedic drama. The narrative follows a millennial daughter and her middle-aged Bangladeshi immigrant mother, who unexpectedly find themselves living together after a decade apart. The challenges they face in their careers and relationships are amplified by unresolved

Rodney Diverlus
Anubha Momin

family wounds, making for a touching exploration of forgiveness and family bonds.

Come By Seldom ventures into the realm of romantic comedy, tracing the journey of an aspiring Bangladeshi chef. This feature-length film takes viewers from elite culinary training in Paris to the enchanting Fogo Island Inn in Canada, where love blossoms amidst cultural clashes. The production, in partnership with Jenna MacMillan’s Club Red Productions, is expected to capture the essence of the Canadian immigrant experience, telling its tale in English, Bengali, and French.

Aftercare, the company’s debut project, is set to make waves at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Directed by Anubha Momin herself, the emotionally charged film portrays a poignant reunion between a woman and the individual she once babysat, navigating themes of growth and connection.

Rodney Diverlus, known for his extensive work in film, theatre, and dance, is also a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement in Canada. Sandy Hudson, an accomplished producer, author, and activist, played a pivotal role in bringing the movement to the country. Anubha Momin, a nomadic writer, director, and producer, brings her unique perspective and expertise to the mix.

With Above the Palace’s dedication to diversity, impactful storytelling, and fresh narratives, it’s poised to revolutionize the entertainment landscape, providing much-needed representation and engaging content for audiences worldwide.