Amazon sponsors Louis Saldenah’s mas’ band


Louis Saldenah & Jamila Brereton

Amazon Logistics Canada is sponsoring Louis Saldenah’s Streets on fire,” the biggest band which will hit the road at Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2022.

Amazon’s public relations specialist Ian Royer noted that “banners featuring Amazon Logistics Canada are already on display at Saldenah’s mas’ camp and will be seen on the parade route along with the band’s banners, DJs and MCs.

“Additionally, we’ve created an on-site educational display which is touring facilities this month. Four costumes will be featured along with historical information about the festival and the band.”

“As a Trinidadian and as a Caribbean person who has migrated to Canada, it’s so important for me to see Caribbean culture embraced by a corporation as Amazon, especially when it’s not treated as a trendy thing and there’s a genuine effort on all levels at the company to celebrate my heritage. That’s really important, especially after the pandemic,” said Royer.

Ronny and Louis Saldenah & the Amazon staff

He noted that “a lot of us haven’t been able to go home for three years. So this is like a little piece of home at work.

“Being able to look at the historical context, with this Caribbean Carnival road show that Amazon’s Black Employee Network (BEN) has created and to see it tour our locations in the GTA feels authentic and makes me feel like I have a space at Amazon Canada and they recognize me for my roots.”

Jamila Brereton who heads the local Black Employees Network (BEN) told The Caribbean Camera that “Canada has an intricate relationship with Caribbean people and Caribbean culture with which a lot of our black employees identify.

“With this sponsorship, the ultimate goal of Amazon’s Black Employee Network (BEN) is “to raise cultural awareness for Black employees and to further champion diversity, equity and inclusion at Amazon.”

“We see this as a chance to build a relationship with the Caribbean diaspora here in Canada and to grow that relationship in a meaningful way.”

Bandleader Saldenah said that he is happy that a major corporation is sponsoring his band and supporting Caribbean culture.

Ronny and Louis Saldenah, Jamila Brereton and Ian Royer in the Back line with the Amazon staff