Calypso royalty Macomere Fifi performs Sunday’s Impact Awards

Eulith ‘Macomere FIFI’ Woods

Macomere Fifi, born Eulith Tara Woods in Les Coteaux, Tobago, has become a household name in Canada’s music scene. With charisma, grace, and an abundance of confidence, Fifi has taken the Calypso world by storm. Her journey to stardom is a testament to her talent and dedication to the craft.

Fifi’s love for the stage was nurtured from a young age, as she not only sang but also delved into drama at school and performed with folk art groups. Her artistic journey led her to Canada in 1987, where she soon became a member of La Petite Musical Toronto, a premier choral group known for its folk singing and Caribbean dance/theatre productions.

In the mid-’90s, Fifi’s undeniable solo talent caught the attention of Canada’s respected Calypso pioneer, Jayson (John Perez). After some persuasion, she joined the cast of his popular Ramajay Calypso Tent in 1998. This decision marked the beginning of an unprecedented journey in Canadian Calypso history.

In her debut year, Fifi won the coveted Calypso Monarch of Canada title with memorable songs like ‘Woman Made to Love’ and ‘I Ain’t Singing Dat.’ Her success continued with People’s Choice awards, Soca Monarch of Canada titles, and multiple Calypso Queen of Canada wins.

Macomere Fifi’s powerful voice, mastery of Calypso, and captivating stage presence made her a crowd favorite, earning her numerous accolades both in Canada and the United States. She ventured beyond Canadian borders to compete on the international stage, even placing as the second runner-up in the Calypso Queen of Trinidad and Tobago competition.

The Sarborough-based calypsonian’s unique fusion of drama and singing is the secret behind her passionate performances. Whether delivering a heart-wrenching ballad or an upbeat tune, she leaves audiences in awe with her delivery.

Her international appearances include performances at Notting Hill in the U.K., Atlanta, Georgia, and even at the Ontario Pavilion during the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. Fifi won the Pan Kaiso Monarch of Canada in 2005 and representing Canada at various global events.

On the recording front, she released the album ‘Sweet As Ever’ in 2003, featuring songs with fiery political satire, social commentary, and touching themes. Her music is a blend of irresistible melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.


Throughout her career, the powerful alto consistently impressed audiences and judges, winning the Canadian Calypso Monarch title multiple times, including in 2010 with ‘Haiti Will Rise.’ Her versatility was showcased in the Dora-nominated musical theater piece, ‘Obeah Opera,’ in 2012.

In 2023, the singer made history by winning the Calypso Monarch title for the seventh time, along with the People’s Choice award. Her incredible journey and unwavering dedication to Calypso have solidified her status as one of Canada’s top talents in the genre, with a growing international reputation.

Macomere Fifi’s legacy in the world of Calypso music remains as sweet as ever, with each of her performances leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of her fans.