Carnival time at ARGOS game

By Stephen Weir

It’s a shocking Toronto sports story. Right now, the Toronto Argonauts are the top professional sports team in the Six, not the last year’s Raptors, not the pitiful TSN soccer club, and of course one is never sure about the Maple Leafs.

As the Grey Cup game approaches, the Toronto Argonauts, who not only have a 9-0 home record but also maintain a perfect 10-0 record against conference rivals. They need only one more win to become the winningest team in the city.

The Toronto Argos’ game of the year leading up to the November 19 Grey Cup at Hamilton’s Tim Hortons Field will take place this Saturday afternoon at BMO Field. The Argos will be facing the Montreal Alouettes in the Eastern Conference finals with a 3 pm kickoff.

Surprise. Surprise. The Toronto Caribbean Carnival community will be there to cheer them on. The festival is so excited that they have organized a bus to transport fans from Scarborough Town Centre to BMO Field in time for the 3 pm kick-off. The Carnival has worked with the ARGOS, a sponsor of this year’s parade, to offer a special ticket for the carnival community.

“Join us for a day of sports, excitement, and community spirit at the ARGOS Playoff Game,” says the Toronto Caribbean Carnival in a recent social media post. “Join us for a day of sport, thrill, and community spirit at the ARGOS Playoff Game. $100 includes transportation, playoff game ticket (section 133), and food.

The Caribbean Camera doesn’t encourage gambling, but according to a friendly tote, the Toronto Argonauts have an 83.05% chance to win. The underdog, the Montreal Alouettes, have just a 20.83% chance to win the Saturday game!

“The Argos bus trip was created to show support to our hometown team the Argonauts as they enter the playoffs,” said a buoyant Mischka Crichton, CEO Toronto Carnival.

“This is the first initiative of its kind and we hope to collaborate more with the Argos.”