Tory’s task: Make One Toronto a reality

By Gerald V. Paul Mayor-elect John Tory has started on the right foot when it comes to the Caribbean community with Jamaican-born veterans of government Joe Halstead and Dr. Alvin Curling on his transition team. Curling, former Speaker of the Ontario Legislative Assembly and co-author of the landmark report The Roots of Youth Violence released […]

New trustee vows positive changes

New trustee vows positive changes

Newly elected Trustee Tiffany Ford is vowing to bring positive changes when she takes her seat at her first York West School Board meeting. “Our community came out in record numbers and they have made their voices clear. They want change and they want people who are from our community to lead in supporting our […]

Liberal politricks: Tory oui, Chow non!

Too many of us fall victim to the all too convenient explanation that the electorate is asked to vote strategically: Anyone but Doug Ford for mayor. Though there is some merit in the determination to keep Ford out of the running, we failed to see another “set-up” that works in favor of the other undeclared […]