Black community shows solidarity over killings

Black community shows solidarity over killings

By Gerald V. Paul Chanting “From Ferguson to Toronto, racist police have got to go,” Toronto’s  Black community locked down Yonge and Dundas last Saturday in solidarity with Brampton’s Jermaine Carby who was shot and killed at a traffic stop in September and America’s Eric Garner, Mike Brown and protestors in Ferguson, Missouri. “This isn’t […]

Violence unnerves Missouri residents

By Jasminee Sahoye St. Louis resident Camini Seeram, who lives about 15 minutes from where looting was taking place, told The Camera that Michael Brown was no saint and that most of the people causing the destruction were not residents of Ferguson. “If I was dreading the holidays before, now I actually have a reason […]

Ferguson, Missouri: Make Black lives matter

The Caribbean Camera refuses to simply resign itself to the idea that the race relations climate in the U.S. will not improve significantly in the next three or four generations. The hopelessness and the indifference, the militancyand the rage that have characterized large segments of that country’s Black community do not produce viable options by […]