Worldwide horror at Taliban massacre of 132 children

Worldwide horror at Taliban massacre of 132 children

By Michael Lashley The shock we feel on learning of the horrible violence visited on the adults and children in a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, cannot be properly addressed in this commentary. I have therefore changed my format to try to reflect these emotionally charged circumstances and to honour the memory of those who perished […]

Terrorism: All three sides of the coin

By Michael Lashley How do we treat with terrorism? Can it be effectively managed and reduced to a minimum? Whose “fault” is it? How did we become the target of terrorist acts? Whenever there is a conflict, there are generally three sides to the story: my side, your side and the truth. The truth is […]

Gaza violence reflected in Canada's history

Gaza violence reflected in Canada’s history By Nora Loreto The images of dead children, dying grandparents and people who were once full of life are disturbing. The only positive is that these images help concretize the sentiment that this attack on Gaza must end. In the wake of the destruction and death, Israel’s “self-defence” defence […]