Youth commended for Showcase performances


By Lincoln DePradine

Joel Davis with dancer Sara Angeli and drummer Nathaniel Bishop

Tara Woods knows something about stage performances and is not easily impressed with sub-par submissions by artistes. So, it’s to the credit of the youngsters, who participated in last Sunday’s “Empowering Youth Showcase’’ in Scarborough, that Woods expressed high commendation on their performances.

“I am so proud of the efforts of our young people. All it takes is for them to have a platform to come and show their little skills,’’ said Woods, whose granddaughter Skye Cezario was among the performers at the event at Twilight Family Restaurant.

It was organized by Joel Davis’s “Connector Music’’ as a platform for them to “learn how to face an audience, build confidence in themselves, and feel empowered’’.

It was a non-competition showcase, with each performer receiving a portion of the proceeds from the gate receipt.

The event “stands as a testament to the importance of youth empowerment and community. It provides a great platform for our youth to display their creativity, passion and boundless potential, while bringing the community together,’’ Scarborough North MPP Raymond Cho said in a scroll presented to Davis.

“I commend organizer, Joel ‘Connector’ Davis, for his visionary leadership in creating a culture of community and social awareness, as well as his dedication to cultivating young talents and nurturing future leaders.’’

The youth performances were varied and showcased before a packed hall.

“Some played pan, some beat the drum; my little granddaughter was one of the dancers. It’s such a wonderful thing to see all these parents and grandparents coming out and supporting the children,’’ Woods told The Caribbean

Showcase performers with Joel Davis ( holding a trophy)


Woods, entertainer “Macomere Fifi’’, is a multiple-time winner of the Calypso Monarch title of Canada.

“I’m happy, although I wish I could have heard a few more calypsoes,’’ she commented on Sunday’s youth showcase. “My granddaughter loves dance. I told her that next year, God willing, she will be dancing to a calypso. She did a jazz number. She could do the same jazz dance to a calypso beat, because calypso is everything; you can use calypso for everything. Wherever you go, calypso should be there.’’