Express entry program launches Jan. 1

Express entry program launches Jan. 1

By Gerald V. Paul In one month Express Entry launches a new phase of active immigration recruitment to meet economic and labour market needs, says Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander. With the change, potential candidates can create their profile starting Jan. 1 with the first invitations to apply issued within weeks. “We will be […]

Refugee claimants rarely able to go home

By Sukhram Ramkissoon  I have been successful in representing a number of Caribbean clients who were successful in their claims for refugee protection in Canada. Some have asked, can I return to my country from which I was granted protection in Canada? My answer to them is simple: No. If you return you may end […]

Caregivers given two paths to citizenship

By Sukhram Ramkissoon On Oct. 31, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced significant reforms to the Caregiver Program that acknowledges the valuable contributions caregivers make to Canadian families and the economy. Changes to the program include ending the live-in requirement, and providing eligible caregivers with two pathways that will lead to permanent residence within six […]

Major changes to Citizenship Act

By Sukhram Ramkissoon  The changes in the Citizenship Act accelerate citizenship for permanent residents serving in the Canadian Armed Forces as well as foreign nationals on exchange with the Forces. Members of the Armed Forces and those on exchange with the Forces who have served for one year less than the residence requirement would qualify […]

Woman with fake papers gets legal status

By Sukhram Ramkissoon   A 34-year-old woman from the Caribbean who entered Canada with false documents was recently granted permission to apply for permanent residence under humanitarian and compassionate grounds. In late 2000, Carol (not her real name) entered the U.S. with a multiple-entry U.S. visa issued by the embassy in her country. She traveled […]

A plea for non-status West Africans

To: Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Dear Mr. Alexander, I am sure that you are aware there may be thousands of undocumented persons from West Africa who are here in Canada as failed refugee claimants or otherwise without legal status. I am counsel for a failed refugee claimant from Sierra Leone who has […]

Permanent residency has key obligations

By Sukhram Ramkissoon  As a result of numerous enquiries by permanent residents concerning the loss of immigration status due to absence from Canada, I will give some insight into the loss and retention of status. Immigration law requires a permanent resident to be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days in the five-year […]

Ex-gang member saved from deportation

By Sukharam Ramkissoon A Jamaican citizen who came to Canada as a permanent resident when he was 10 and became involved with the Malvern Crew – a criminal street gang – was successful for the second time in having a negative risk assessment set aside by the Federal Court. For this article, I will call […]

Pusher must reform to avoid deportation

Pusher must reform to avoid deportation

By Sukhram Ramkissoon A 37-year-old man from the Caribbean was recently fortunate in having a deportation order stayed for four years on terms and conditions. For this article I will refer to him as Monty. I represented him in all his immigration problems leading up to his appeal before the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). He […]

Dad escapes deportation after hearing

Dad escapes deportation after hearing

 By Sukhram Ramkissoon  I recently represented a 26-year-old man from the Caribbean (whom I will call Don) who was successful in having the Appeal Division quash a removal order issued to him in 2011 for not declaring his dependent child on his application for permanent residence. Don’s parents and sibling came to Canada in 2006 […]